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Assessing Department


2020 Personal Property Info & Forms

  • 2020 Personal Property Tax Statement -- For those required to file on personal property (Those with a True Cash Value of $80,000 or more).  Due to be turned in to the local assessor by no later than February 20, 2020

If you need any other forms or information relating to personal property taxes - please visit the Muskegon County Equalization website - click here to go to their site.





The Assessing Department has several dates set by law to complete certain activities.

Assessing Notice - A Notice of Assessment is sent out for each property every year at least 10 days prior to the March Board of Review.  This is usually sometime in the last week of February.

March Board of Review - This board meets every year in March to hear poverty exemptions and property value appeals/protests from property owners.  The Board of Review shall meet on the second Monday in March for the purpose of hearing taxpayer appeals. The governing body of a Township may authorize an alternative starting date for this meeting, either the Tuesday or the Wednesday following the second Monday in March.  Laketon Township holds the March Board of Review on two days, one day from 9am to 3pm and one day from 3pm to 9pm, by appointment.  This is the only time you may appeal/protest your property value (SEV).  If you do not appeal your value to the March Board of Review, you are not able to take your appeal to the tax tribunal.

July Board of Review - The July Board meets on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July if there is business to conduct. Only appeals regarding qualified errors of the roll and poverty exemptions are heard in July.

December Board of Review - The December Board meets on the Tuesday following the second Monday in December if there is business to conduct. Only appeals regarding qualified errors of the roll and poverty exemptions are heard in December.

Laketon Township contracts with Wanda Budnik for assessing services.  Wanda works for Laketon Township on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  She does spend a portion of her time outside the office measuring homes and other structures and verifying property record information, so it is helpful to call Laketon Township at 231-744-2454  before stopping in to see her.  


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