CEMETERY CONSTRUCTION:  A construction project in the cemetery has begun, that area is CLOSED - Please stay out of that area of the cemetery for your safety and the safety of the construction workers.  Thank you.
Grave Site & Burial Costs
New rates beginning May 1, 2023, click the link above or feel free to call the township office.  231-744-2454


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Cemetery Ordinance
To obtain full cemetery ordinance CLICK HERE, or feel free to call or visit Laketon Township Hall.  

Also - CLICK HERE for the Rules/Regulations reference sheet, effective 4/20/2023.


It is important to be aware of the rules regulating the cemetery & gravesite decorations, markers, plants etc. 

    Each grave/plot is permitted to have the following:

     · One (1) marker/stone—excepting military markers and family markers for adjacent graves.

· One (1) urn for flowers/plants.

    The following is a synopsis of the rules on markers:

· They need to be made of stone or durable material.

· They need an appropriate foundation, which will be constructed by the township at the owners expense.

· Maintenance/repair/upkeep of markers, urns etc. are the responsibility of the family/heirs of the person buried at that location.

· The township will correct/repair/remove any markers/monuments that are broken, leaning or a safety hazard—at the owners      expense.

      For cemetery grounds maintenance purposes the following applies to gravesite decorations and plants:

· NO flowers, decorations, shrubs, trees or vegetation of ANY TYPE shall be planted OUTSIDE of a permitted urn.  ANY/ALL of the foregoing items planted or placed in violation of the ordinance WILL BE removed by the Township.

Maintenance staff are working on removing any such items.  The full ordinance is available by clicking the link above.

For questions on the Cemetery Ordinance, approved grave decorations, markers/headstones and plantings, or costs associated with burials please call the Laketon Township Hall  231-744-2454.







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