How can I make payments for bills I owe? You can make payments in person at the township hall or you can mail payments to 2735 W. Giles Rd, Muskegon, MI  49445.  If you wish to make payments in person, but cannot get to our office during regular office hours, you can still drop off payments by placing them in the mail slot located in the door on the west side of the building.  DO NOT drop off cash payments in this manner, we will not be responsible for cash payments dropped in the mail slot.  You can also drop off any paperwork that needs to get to our office in this mail slot. For online payments of property taxes   Click Here to go to the online bill payment page of this website.

Where and to whom do I report street light outages?  You can report your streetlight outages to Laketon Township and we will forward them to Consumer's Energy, or you can click on the link provided and send your streetlight outage report directly to Consumer's Energy.

Where and to whom do I report potholes or other road maintenance problems?  You can report road issues via Muskegon County Road Commission's website and then click the "Service Request" button, or you can call the Muskegon County Road Commission at 231-788-2381.

Where do I sign up my child for soccer, football, cheerleading, baseball or softball?  Please see our Recreation/Youth Activities page for youth club information and links to their websites for contact information.  The Recreation/Youth Activity clubs are private volunteer run organizations.

When are property taxes billed and due?  Property taxes are billed twice per year.  The summer billing is mailed on July 1st and due by September 14th.  The winter billing is mailed December 1st and due by February 14th.  See the Treasurer's Dept. Page for more detailed tax information.

How often are sewer &/or water bills sent out?  The Muskegon County Dept. of Public Works reads water meters and sends out bills for both water & sewer out monthly.  Sewer is a flat rate bill each month.  Bills are sent out on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and due by the 1st Friday of the following month.  For more information call the Muskegon County DPW (231-724-4721).

How do I arrange for trash service?  Laketon Township does not provide trash service, each resident is responsible for choosing their own trash service.  It is recommended when moving into a new home to check with the neighbors to see what service they use, by using the same service the number of trash haulers traveling through the neighborhood is minimized, of course you are always free to choose any service provider you wish.

Is there a Muskegon County Sheriff's office in the Township Hall?  No, the Sheriff's Department does not maintain an office within the Township Hall.  There is an extra sheriff's deputy on duty to patrol Laketon Township through the Partners in Neighborhood Safety (PINS) Program, you are able to leave messages for this officer at Laketon Township Hall as the officer does stop in periodically.  

If you have an emergency or need an officer to respond to your location for any reason you MUST dial 9-1-1 to have an officer dispatched.


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