Reeths Puffer Schools - Debt Millage Increases (2014 & 2015)

Reeths Puffer Schools had been collecting 8.37 mills for several years on their bonds/debts, in 2014 their collection increased to 9.37 mills.  For 2015, their collection will again increase.  Laketon Township has been informed the collection for Reeths Puffer School debt will be 10.82 mills on the 2015 Winter Tax Bill. Per State Law, 2015 Winter Taxes will be levied on December 1, 2015 and due by Tuesday February 16, 2016.

Reeths Puffer Schools has provided an information and Frequently Asked Question's document.  Click Here to read the information they have provided to Laketon Township to pass along to residents/property owners. 

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